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Budget Investor Full Service


Flat-rate fee of $6,000+gst for property purchases priced up to $400,000


Building and pest inspections on one property are included in this fee


An investment property is a property that must accommodate the needs of the rental market as opposed to your own living preferences.  We target areas which are demonstrating demand for tenancy, and we target properties that satisfy the needs of tenants with respect to proximity to services, and layout and facilities of the dwelling.  We are able to hunt down properties that pay for themselves or come very close to doing so.  This enables to you invest without changing your lifestyle to financially support your investment property.  We like to look at the whole picture to ensure the property you are purchasing plays a suitable role in the portfolio as a whole ... taking you closer to your goals.  We are interested in finding you property that offers a balance between capital growth and rental yield.




  • Identifying areas that match your affordability and criteria

  • Suburb research

  • Evaluation and inspection of individual properties.

  • Discussing properties with you that we like based on our evaluation and inspection

  • Identification of suitable solicitors/conveyancers for your purchase

  • Offering and negotiating on properties

  • Bidding at auction if required

  • Working with conveyancer on wording of contract of sale and securing the property purchase

  • Working with your mortgage broker to ensure the property being targeted is in line with your borrowings, and to provide your broker with information / documentation / updates throughout the process

  • Ordering of building and pest inspections

  • Review and analysis of building and pest inspections.  We review the result with you and explain anything that is flagged, assisting you with understanding how any items that might require attention can be resolved

  • Identifying suitable property managers for you, and providing handover documentation to them

  • Providing depreciators with documentation required for your depreciation schedule

  • Pre-settlement inspection

  • Working with the you, the conveyancer, mortgage broker, selling agent, building and pest inspectors, depreciators and property managers all the way through to settlement

  • We ensure vital steps in the process are not missed.  We handle most things on your behalf, freeing you up to be busy with your normal day, and we let you know any time you are required to do anything, such as paying deposit money for your property

  • Your fee covers our service plus building and pest inspection reports for one property

  • $4000+gst is payable upon secondment, with the balance due at settlement




  • Your fee does not cover solicitor/conveyancer fees or depreciation schedule fees

  • Should you not proceed with purchasing the first property for which building and pest inspections are ordered, your fee does not cover the cost of building and pest inspections for subsequent properties


Please note


  • To ensure the property hunt is efficient and targeted, we discuss with you in advance pricing and terms you are comfortable with.  We also discuss areas that you like and their compatibility with your budget.  We ensure that it is clear the type of property we should be hunting for before we begin. 

  • It is courteous to ensure you can afford to purchase a property before offering on it and as such we require that you have a mortgage pre-approval in place before we being searching (unless you are a cash buyer).  If you do not already have your own, we can direct you to an appropriate mortgage broker to assist you with your financing needs.

  • The window of opportunity to acquire free-standing houses in adequate condition in our service areas of Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat have almost closed  Please assume that with this budget, you will be acquiring a unit as opposed to a house.

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