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Auction Bidding Service




This is a flat-rate service which is limited to one auction event for one property.


You identify the property you wish to purchase and we attend the auction and bid on your behalf.  This service might suit you if you are unable to attend the auction, or are not confident in the process, or prefer someone more practiced at the process to attend rather than yourself.


We discuss with you in advance pricing and terms you are comfortable with.


You may be on the phone with us during auction if you wish.


It is important to remember that if you winning at auction binds you to purchasing the property.  The sale is considered unconditional and as such it is important to ensure you are able to finance the purchase and that you have already done your relevant checks such as building and pest inspections prior to the auction.


It is critical in particular to be certain of financing.  If you require a bank loan to assist with the purchase, ensure that you have already secured bank approval for the property you wish to secure at auction, either directly with the bank or via your mortgage broker.  Remember that a bank might be happy for you to purchase "a property" up to a certain price, but not necessarily "that property".  Banks are sometimes uncomfortable with certain property types or certain suburbs, so ensure you are clear on whether the bank will fund the purchase if you win the auction, and ensure you consult your solicitor/conveyancer about this matter before the auction.  If you do not already have your own, we can direct you to an appropriate mortgage broker to assist you with your financing needs.

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