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email : jacqui@middletonbuyersadvocates

tel : +61 (0) 404 136 937

We are property Buyers' Advocates offering services in Melbourne and greater Victoria.


For further details on areas we cover, please click here.

We manage your property purchase from suburb research all the way through to settlement.


You may nominate your desired purchase area, or we can assist with determining where you should buy.


A buyers' advocate or buyers' agent is a licensed real estate agent that specializes in representing a buyer for a property purchase. 


Buyers' advocates generally specialize in particular suburbs and/or property types. 


Many buyers are only able to view on weekends... by which point the property may already be sold and the opportunity is lost.  A buyers' advocate is in a position to see a property as soon as he/she becomes aware of it being available for sale.  Depending on their network, a buyers' advocate might also hear of property coming up for sale before other buyers are even aware of it.


Most people will buy between 1 and 3 properties in a lifetime, with large spans of time in between... during which the laws and processes relating to purchasing property can change.  


The feeling of being "on your own" and not knowing if you are missing vital steps can be a significant concern.


We manage your purchase from research right through to settlement, freeing you up to attend your employment and go about your day without the disruption of matters we can handle on your behalf.


Which suburbs would fulfill your needs?  Which streets are most suitable?  Which type of construction?  Which conveyancer? 

Which building and pest inspector?  Which investment property manager?  How to offer?  What to write on a contract of sale? 

How much will the property cost to hold? 


We have it covered.


We monitor the process all the way through until settlement of the property takes place.


Our agents are fully-licensed real estate agents and experienced property investors.

Real Estate License 078110L.

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